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  • Gareth Morgan

How to win the Premier League, using only Snapchat

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Most marketers are terrified of Snapchat. They know it is an important channel for talking to customers. But they don't know to make it work for them.

This despite it now being firmly in the mainstream of social media, with 150million active users checking out an average of 66 Snaps every day.

The short shelf life of content generates engagement levels other channels can only dream of. Users know if they don’t look in regularly, they will miss out.

And more than 70% of UK users are millennials (over 18s). So its reputation as a playground for kids is plain wrong.

The secret lies in Snapchat’s location-based marketing opportunities. By mastering geofilters, a brand can now own an event in real time.

You can generate incredible engagement for pennies. We have done this for brands that had no previous Snapchat presence.

As with all social media campaigns, clear strategy and goals are essential for success. But the freshness of the platform brings fun back into marketing.

And users are doing most of your promotion for you, by incorporating your brand into their personal story.

What’s not to love? So get Snapping.

To discuss Snapchat marketing in more detail, drop us a line here. We would love to hear how you get on.

Snapchat, marketing, data, social media

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