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  • Gareth Morgan

Gluball. What is in a name?

A gluball (sometimes called a glueball) is a theoretical bundle of gluons, the subatomic cement that holds the universe together. Its existence is the most important prediction behind the Standard Model of particle physics.

Gluons are tiny particles that transmit the Strong Force over short distances. It is more than 100 times stronger than electromagnetism, a million times stronger than the weak force and many orders of magnitude stronger than gravity.

Without it we would not exist. Nothing would exist. And without the research done into particle physics since the 1930s, there would be no computers and no internet. So a gluball is cool, right. And small can be very, very strong.

The idea behind GLUBALL Content Marketing Agency is that small things can have a huge influence on the world. Traditional media is dominated by giant publishers in the same way prehistory was dominated by the dinosaurs…the internet is about to make them extinct.

You can become the publisher. Companies can talk directly to their customers, they can listen and react to their needs without going through a third party. Get your content marketing strategy right and you can change the world, or at least transform your business.

By binding together super-talented individuals from marketing, journalism, broadcasting, advertising and PR, GLUBALL will create a team tailored to your needs. A team that is ready, willing and able to transform the way you interact with real people.

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