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  • Gareth Morgan

Lights, cameras, action. Mobile video finally comes of age.

Sage marketing advice has been to devote maximum effort and money into streaming video content for mobile's the future, don't you know?

Fortunes have been squandered, with relatively little return, as the numbers were simply not there. Until now.

The crowd have caught up with earlier adopters. Faster, stronger mobiles with super-sized high definition screens and the rise of 4G have helped.

Now with the arrival of apps like Meerkat and Twitter's soon-to-be-launched Periscope it is simple for anyone to stream video at the touch of a button.

The former has just closed a $12million round of funding after causing a sensation at SXSW. It has already taken social media by storm.

Facebook is delivering 3billion video views every single day and around two-thirds of those are on mobile.

According to Nielsen, the average American spends 102 minutes each month watching video on their smartphone. Marketing plans cannot afford to ignore this, it's no fad, the future is here. Now, where's my camera?

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