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  • Gareth Morgan

Five essential sites for writers struggling to find the right words

It’s more than 100 years since the giant of journalism Arthur Brisbane gave birth to the idea that one picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures draw in the reader and give context to the writer’s words.

Your copy can be a dazzling piece of prize-worthy prose, but without a great image it will fall flat as a pancake. It is vital to find the right picture to sell your story. So an essential part of the armoury of anyone writing online is a ready supply of free-to-use images.

There is no excuse for padding out your work with generic stock images.

Unsplash lets you plunder achingly beautiful photographs absolutely free. Ten new images are added every ten days and they are available to marketers with a “do whatever you want” licence. So fill your boots.

German-based Pixabay offer 100,000 copyright-free pics, The Morguefile has a bundle of images and only asks you to “credit the photographer when possible” while Free Stock Photos has pictures and clipart for all your needs.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t forget the old favourite Flickr. Most content on the site is copyright protected, however there is plenty that is available to use under Creative Commons licences.

Use the Advanced Search option, check both “Only search with Creative Commons-Licensed content” and “Find content to use commercially” before running a search. Anything that this throws up is good to go.

Give credit where credit is due, whenever you can and your copy will stand out from the crowd.

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